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          Learn. Share. Savor. Thrive.

          With over 80 majors and more than 30 graduate programs, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is an impressive public university of 19,400 students, but being here feels like coming home.

          That’s because we’re an incomparable family of collaborative students and inspired faculty—teachers, researchers, scientists, engineers, nurses, and problem solvers—generously working and learning together.


          Students contribute to the answers. They also create new solutions. Recently, they built a house that flexes its public and private spaces, adapting to big parties (or solitary contemplation) when needed. They helped to design the University’s new bike path. Honors students regularly present original research.  Student-athletes soar in the classroom.

          People-centered, the University is home to some of the best thinking in the world. It’s a community where students learn, share what they learn, savor the experience, and thrive—in their studies, their careers, their lives.